Yamaha MX-A5000

by Yamaha

Yamaha MX-A5000 is a flagship reference-quality 11.2 channel Power Amplifier providing top-level Aventage series performance and designed to work seamlessly with the CX-A5000 AV Pre Amplifier. This power amplifier allows you to connect up to 11 separate channels and up to 2 subwoofers.

Featuring a highly rigid chassis, top quality parts, components and build, results in the MX-A5000 creating a balanced connection for optimum performance.

Power & High-Density Presence

The MX-A5000 is an 11-channel power amplifier, discrete structured, to deliver a powerful signal for superb quality and performance for all channels. Pair this power amplifier with the CX-A5000 11.2-channel preamplifier, you will be amazed by the overwhelming silence and the output sound with a superior level of dynamism, the design goal to which Yamaha aims for. Irrespective of the sound source, you will enjoy a deep resonance that immerses you in music with the full-scale presence with the 11.2-channels.

By employing a custom-made, large-size toroidal transformer, in this amplifier, it manages to deliver a powerful 150 Watts per channel, so it is capable of driving even the most hungry loudspeakers. The design of the amplifier is a current feedback type, with three stage Darlington circuit and 27,000uF custom block capacitors, result in the MX-A5000 being one of the finest AV amplifiers available. Plus the choice of components and build quality make this a true high-end contender. Plus, the XLR connectors are balanced, noise resistant, with the speaker terminals being high quality and gold-plated. The detachable AC cable is thick and high quality.

High Rigidity Chassis for Sound Purity

As part of the no-compromise design policy for this amplifier, Yamaha created an advanced chassis with strong rigidity. The stiffness of the chassis has been improved by an H-shaped cross frame to increase the mechanical strength, by using aluminium side panels that also improve the rigidity of the housing, and by a three-ply structure with independent top cover and side panels. Also, any potential external vibration, from the rack or the listening environment, are damped by the inclusion of heavy insulators.

Another inclusion is The A.R.T (Anti-Resonance Technology) Wedge, located in the centre of the base cover acts as an additional vibration correcter, supporting the internal circuits and delicate parts. In addition, the MX-A5000 has a double bottom, consisting of vibration control plates made of 1/8 inch (1.6 mm) black steel, the same type of construction used on the previous flagship model Z11.

To support the heavy heat sinks and other internal parts, the left-right independent construction is further strengthened by a rigid-frame structure. The bottom frame functions to remove the vibrations produced by the large power transformer and heat sinks.

Symmetrical Power Amplifier Layout

The amplifiers layout is another design detail that is intended to ensure a superior receiver. The interior layout of the amplifier has been planned, and circuits routed so that the left and right channels are isolated both physically and electrically. By maximising channel separation, the SNR is greatly improved which also aids in achieving a wide, and open soundstage.

Highest Quality Components

By using a current feedback design, with a three-stage Darlington circuit that has superior phase properties and is resistant to speaker impedance fluctuation. To fully work with its inherent power, the MX-A5000 employs high-quality parts for their superior sound quality, as they confirm with their in-house listening tests. The transformer for the power supply, is a specially developed high output, high efficiency, large size toroidal transformer.

With two specially developed high capacity (27,000?F) block capacitors, it minimises energy loss and features power supply capacity with generous headroom. This ensures sound capable of superior musical expression. The speaker output terminals are high-quality gold-plated types and are compatible with Y plugs for optimum speaker connectivity.

Noise Resistant, Highly Reliable

Electrical noise is a problem with high-quality audio equipment, it can be generated from connections with other AV products, or the connection between them, or other external sources. To control for electrical noise the MX-A5000 and CX-A5000, do not have a problem with distortion, and the balanced connections that are also highly resistant to noise, which is the same type used in pro audio equipment.

The RCA unbalanced connection uses ground sensing transmission method that achieves simple balanced transmission. And in cases such as that where each channel with the XLR is used selectively, the impact of noise flowing between the preamp and the chassis of the power amp is removed, minimizing sound quality deterioration due to the connection.

Channel Output & Bi-amping

The MX-A5000 and CX-A5000 are designed to be flexible to build AV systems; they complement each other, the 11-channel output, maximises Cinema DSP HD3 performance and makes the most of the capabilities of the speakers, also supporting bi-amping for driving tweeters and woofers with separate amplifiers. Furthermore, you can have bi-amping of five channels, using the eleven internal channels.

You can employ extra amplifiers, to power more than one zone, in addition to the main room letting you configure your system for music played in a bedroom or kitchen. Plus, the MX-A5000, allows you to switch all 11-channel input jacks, between balanced or unbalanced for each channel, further improving the flexibility of the system.

Auto Power Standby

Using less power saves money and is friendly to the earth. The MX-A5000 has an Auto Power Standby function that will turn the power off after eight hours. It can be turned on and off via a rear panel switch and will be overridden by the trigger function. The trigger function allows automatic power synchronisation with other components that support this function.

Connecting a preamplifier, for instance, to the "Trigger In" jack engages the power automatically with the preamp. Connecting another component such as a subwoofer to the "Trigger Out" jack syncs the power of that component to the MX-A5000. In addition, the input from the "Trigger In" jack can be output in a cascade connection to control the power of another component such as another power amplifier (Through Out).

Tech Specs

  • Channel: 11
  • Rated Output (1ch): 230W (6?), 190W (8?)
  • Rated Output (2ch): 170 W (8?, 0.9% THD)
  • Output (20Hz-20kHz): 170W (6?), 150W (8?)
  • Dynamic Power p/ch (8/6/4/2?): 190/250/350/500W
  • Digital ToP-ART: 3 stage Darlington power stage
  • Current Feedback Amp Circuit: Yes
  • Analog Audio In/Out: XLR - 11, RCA -11 / 0
  • Zone Control: +12V Out: 1, In/through: 1/1
  • Auto Power Standby: Yes
  • Power Consumption: 650 W
  • Dimensions (WHD): 17-1/8” x 8-1/4” x 18-1/8”
  • Weight: 56 lbs

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