REL Tzero

by REL

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For years, REL lovers have been asking for a smaller woofer for their smaller systems and small rooms; a no-compromise REL design with REL sonic qualities in a more compact package. The T-Zero is the woofer we have all been waiting for: measuring just over nine cubic inches, the T-Zero is a full-performance REL in a tiny cabinet, with all the features and sound quality expected of a REL Sub-Bass system.

Designed for small rooms, near-field listening or for reinforcing micro-speakers, under a desk or reinforcing a small system, the T-Zero delivers impressively deep bass with outstanding articulation. The rock-solid sealed cabinet greatly improves pitch definition and keeps resonance to a minimum; a new, wicked fast amp propels music, movies and games along like nothing you have ever heard.

The stepped volume control and high-precision crossovers are identical to those used in larger T-Series woofers; the feet are made from the same solid aluminum and the gloss finish is absolutely gorgeous. The T-Zero is a super model in miniature.

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