REL HT/1508 Predator

by REL

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Serie HT/1508 Predator™ is a compact powerhouse for theatre and musical bass and, like all HT models, it delivers the goods at an extremely attractive price. We designed an all-new 15” driver with 3” of stroke fore-and-aft but, as with all REL driver designs, our focus is on speed and articulation and not just boom. A compact, yet powerful new 800 watt amplifier with peaks up to 1200 watts provides all the power necessary to shake walls and rattle cabinets.

Whereas traditional RELs are asked to be fantastic all ‘rounders, HT (Home Theater) range is to focus on one task (theatre bass) and do it perfectly. When designing for theatre, we begin at the input and work outward. Predator’s input filters and crossovers are optimized for high output theatre applications and gently correct for box/driver interactions resulting in output that extends exceptionally low.

The 800 watt amplifier is a powerhouse in the best REL tradition, with huge power supplies and reserves of current for when particularly explosive special effects appear on screen.

We designed the new 15” 1508 CarbonGlas™ driver to supply prodigious output, yet do so with extreme speed and instantaneous dynamics. Where many competitors offer a 12” or 13” driver, REL supplies a 15”. Why? Because our testing revealed that the 15” would deliver the necessary performance and do so with greater ease and more headroom. Ultimately, that results in greater reliability and customer satisfaction. Not surprisingly, given that it is a proper REL, it performs admirably in musical applications.

HT/1508 Predator is designed to deliver near reference levels of output and deep, room-filling bass at a price that remains affordable, making this a product that delivers exceptional value.

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