Meridian G55


Meridian G55 5 Channel Power Amplifier, beautifully engineered with a glass and metal exterior to complement the G65, provides the muscle and finesse to your passive loudspeaker system. The G55’s robust chassis contains five identical 100 watt amplifiers based on Meridian’s award winning DSP8000 amplifier technology. When combined with a Meridian Surround controller, such as G65, this multi-channel amplifier will form the core of a 5.1 high performance analogue theatre system.

Flexible Performance

Equipped with input connectivity choices, the G55 includes both single ended and balanced analogue inputs. Balanced inputs provide the ultimate in noise rejection and are the connection method of choice from a G65 surround controller. For larger and more demanding systems, the G55 incorporates a unique bridging system for higher power and flexibility. In this mode, four of the five channels can be bridged, providing two channels of 300 watts, and a single channel of 100 watts. This provides optimum performance with any loudspeaker in any room location.

The G55 contains five amplifier modules featuring a symmetrical design with full electronically balanced inputs. Both balanced and unbalanced inputs are provided, but in fact the unbalanced inputs are converted to balanced before they enter the amplifier itself. This “Super Balanced” design provides the highest quality music while keeping noise at a minimum. Another Meridian innovation is a soft start circuit that eliminates any turn on and off “thumps” that bedevil lesser designs.

Clear Detailed Sound

Special attention has been paid to ensure the amplifiers deliver the power that is required at any given moment. Massive twin low-noise toroidal power transformers provide power to no less than 25 selected pairs of output devices, carefully temperature-controlled for optimum operating characteristics and efficiency. The result is a clear, open sound with detail as well as punch where it is required – at any volume level.

The G55 includes the latest power amp developments from Meridian, first employed in the flagship DSP8000 Digital Loudspeaker systems, and share many common design parameters. These innovations include a unique, ultra-low feedback design, and capacitor-free signal path. These combine to provide incredible control and speed for fast, tight bass and outstanding sound quality from a passive loudspeaker.

With balanced analogue inputs and 12-volt trigger, G57 compliments both Meridian 800 and G Series in either a two-channel system, or, as the main channels of a high performance analogue theatre when combined with G55.

Tech Specs

  • Power output - 5 channels @100W into 8? 2 chan @>300W into 8? (bridge)
  • Distortion - 0.01% input to output - Signal/Noise: > –100dB
  • Inputs - Bal on XLR-3F connectors - unbalanced on phono
  • Outputs - 2 output sets p/ch - Terminal posts
  • 25 pairs of 15amp out devices 68,000µF of audiophile-grade PSU smoothing capacitors
  • Ultra low impedance error-corrected
  • DC coupled, with no capacitors
  • Soft start and thermal management
  • Optimised magnetic design
  • Rear-panel power: p/c switches
  • Balanced or single-ended input
  • Bridge/Stereo switches on ch 1/5
  • Wide voltage-range (5–30V, AC/DC) trigger Input for remote standby/on switching
  • Power/Fault indicator and per-channel operation LEDs
  • Power - Versions: 100, 110, 115, 220, 230, 240
  • Dimensions (WDH): 440 x 350 x 132mm
  • Rack Mounting: available
  • Weight: 23 kg (51 lbs)

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