Meridian DSP8000 SE


The Meridian DSP8000 is the brands flagship loudspeaker, and the Special Edition makes its performance even more awe-inspiring than before.


It is one of the few loudspeakers available that can reproduce the sound of a full-size grand piano at realistic volume and with realistic dynamic range, the DSP8000SE takes this landmark loudspeaker even further with the full range of Special Edition enhancements. 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the launch of Meridian’s first digital loudspeaker and the first digital loudspeaker in the world; the D600 in 1989.

The Special Edition DSP Loudspeaker Range is the result of Meridian’s ongoing research into how we, as humans, “hear” sound. These findings dictated improvements that have led to the loudspeaker’s lifelike performance. Quite simply, the Special Edition DSP Loudspeakers, and matching centre channels, are the best sounding loudspeakers Meridian has ever created.


Sourced from the original studio master recording as approved by the creative team, MQA combines an advanced new digital sampling technology that captures extremely high frequency timing and detail in an audio signal with an equally novel system to “encapsulate” that data into a form for delivery using any lossless file format or streaming. The listener’s decoder reconstructs the entire original signal, bringing up an indicator confirming that what they are hearing is exactly the same as the original master. Without the decoder, the listener enjoys CD quality reproduction. Its most advanced form, “MQA Studio”, uses the technology in the studio to generate an even higher quality master recording as the source.


The separate head unit is decoupled from the bass cabinet to reduce coloration, for life-like authentic sound. The cabinet is hand-fabricated from ‘Meridium’, a rigid laminate of birch plywood and aluminium, and damped with epoxy resin, so the enclosure adds no sound to colour the music. The bass system has its six powerful drive units arranged in opposing pairs, to help cancel cabinet vibration for deep and clear bass.

A conventional passive speaker would have to be eight times the physical volume to provide the same performance as a Meridian loudspeaker. The soft edges avoid generating unwanted additional high frequency sounds which can blur the image. The result is improved rendering of the performers, and of the performance space. At least one amplifier powers the drivers for each frequency band and each amplifier is individually controlled by a sophisticated DSP crossover, for perfect system synergy.


In DSP8000 and DSP7200 a unique material known as Meridium forms the entire loudspeaker’s enclosure. Meridium is constructed of plywood made from specially selected, cold-grown European Birch. This wood has very tightly packed rings and is more dense and inert as a result. Multiple layers of this plywood are pressure-laminated together around an aluminium core.

The rigidity and mass are improved even further by treating the interior surfaces with an additional layer of aluminium-doped epoxy resin. The result is a uniquely inert, vibration-free material. A great deal of effort has gone into ensuring that Meridian DSP Loudspeakers are rigid and free from resonances. The addition of driver clamp rings ensures that the driver is rigidly attached to the cabinet, maximising authenticity and minimising coloration of the sound.


A Beryllium domed tweeter offers outstanding transient response for dynamic range and contrast as well as low coloration. Beryllium is seven times more rigid, and over twice as fast as aluminium, the traditional tweeter cone material. The new Beryllium-domed tweeter uses a semi-horn-loaded approach and was designed by Meridian engineers.

Wide bandwidth analogue electronics deliver studio master quality sound from MQA content and the highest possible quality from high-resolution recordings. Meridian’s advanced EBA (Enhanced Bass Alignment) technology ensures all frequencies in the music arrive with the correct timing, for a clearer sound and an enhanced sound-stage that is clearer and more authentic. All drive units are clamped with machined rings to couple the drivers even more tightly to the cabinet, minimising unwanted vibration.


A new SpeakerLink board provides enhanced interoperability between Meridian Controllers and DSP Loudspeakers. Digital Signal Processing has been enhanced for higher clock speeds, giving superb handling of the high sample rates encountered with high-resolution audio sources.

The source information that appears in the loudspeaker display is now derived from the controller, allowing for additional custom legending. Meanwhile, additional enhancements include Bass, Tilt, and Axis presets for enhanced control and a new crossover design. All SE centre channel products include Centre Elevation – allowing the image from a centre channel loudspeaker positioned under a screen, for example, to be raised to be in line with main left and right loudspeakers and at a suitable height for realistic dialogue delivery.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP), which Meridian pioneered in the home audio market helps our Digital Active loudspeakers deliver a stunningly clear and authentic sound. Unlike a conventional audio system where key components such as crossover, power amplifiers and loudspeaker drivers are in separate places, Meridian’s DSP Digital Active loudspeakers bring the components together, maintaining the signal within the digital domain for as long as possible and ensuring less of the signal is lost.

That means you’ll enjoy more life-like sound quality from a loudspeaker that’s designed to mimic human hearing, incorporating a complete audio system within the cabinet – one that’s upgradable and built to last a lifetime.

Tech Specs

  • Freq response: 20Hz – >32kHz ±3dB
  • Crossover: 3 1/2 way (linear/phase)
  • Bass–mid: 6th-order Linkwitz-Riley
  • Output: 118dB spl @ 1m Noise: 15dB spl
  • Overall Distortion: less than 0.02%
  • SpeakerLink balanced digital (2ch, RJ45)
  • S/PDIF unbalanced digital (2ch, phono)
  • 32kHz–96kHz sampling rates
  • Speakerlink: via MSR+/RS232
  • RJ45: x1 w/bal digital audio
  • Control: a second loudspeaker
  • Carries: infra-red pickup
  • Control: Analogue/digital vol + phase
  • Rear-panel controls: Power On/Off
  • Buffer: FIFO memory buffer input
  • DAC: Four 24-bit D/A converters
  • Oversampling: 128x
  • Bass Amps: 3 x 150W (1 per driver pair)
  • Mid/HF: 2 x 150W amps
  • Upsample: 2x Freescale 56367 @150MHz
  • 2 separate enclosures: mid/top + bass
  • Panels: interlaminated with glass front
  • Bass: 6 x 200mm long-throw
  • Mid: 1 x 160mm polypropylene (TPX)
  • Bass: 3 x 150W power amplifiers
  • Mid/Treble: 150W + 150w
  • Tweeter: 1 x 25mm piston (short horn)
  • Beryllium dome: silver voice-coil
  • Crossover minimum-phase: 2.6kHz
  • Standby Consumption: 20W
  • Max Power Consumption: 920W
  • Display: 8-character w/system lights
  • Dimensions (HWD): 1350 x 400 x 528mm
  • Weight: 105kg (231lb) each

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