Dali Spektor 6 5.1 Speaker Package

by Dali

This Dali 5.1 package combines one pair of flagship Spektor 6 floorstanding speakers for front channels with a pair of ultra-compact Spektor 1 bookshelf speakers for the rear channels, Spektor Vokal centre speaker and the E-9 subwoofer for impressive bass.

Spektor Series

Spektor series resulted from a delicate balancing act of getting the optimum amount of audio performance and optimising the production of every element of the speaker. Getting this much Hi-Fi performance from a speaker series in this price range not only took all of Dali's experience and know-how, but also endless hours which were spent in the listening room improving the driver and crossover designs to create the perfect audio.

The dome tweeters used offer best-in-class resolution with an extended frequency response, wide dispersion and low coloration. A clear heritage from Dali's high-end series. The tweeter is based on an ultra-lightweight weaved fabric which weighs less than half of the market standard. The amplifier friendly design makes the series a perfect fit for almost any amplifier in its price category.

E-9F Subwoofer

Dali E-9 F subwoofer provides the bass notes and rumble demanded from many movie soundtracks. It features a 9” woofer capable of moving plenty of air with power and precision. The cone is made from pure aluminium for maximum stiffness and a becoming exterior.

These speakers are wonderfully matched - so much so you'd be forgiven for thinking the subwoofer was a dedicated Spektor model.

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