Dali Epicon 2

by Dali

Dali Epicon 2 is not a speaker to be underestimated despite its diminutive size. Poised elegantly upon its custom-made stand (sold separately), Epicon 2 produces large and precise 3D sound sure to exceed even the most rigorous demands of true audiophiles.

Powerful Younger Sibling

The two channel speaker features a 6½" bass driver and a soft cone dome tweeter. Actually, the industrial advances premeditated for the grander Epicon 6 and Epicon 8 models have been routed into Epicon 2 to produce a loudspeaker that accomplishes way beyond its dimensional prospects. Epicon 2 reveals impeccably what this innovative series is all about: Marginal signal dilapidation; transparency and exposure are taken to an undetected level! This speaker exhibits an extremely linear and intelligible response and mixes well with low to mid-sized rooms.

The woofer roll-off is slow and the speaker extends deep into the lowest frequencies. On the whole, in most systems, this results in a sound that makes the speaker seem much larger than it really is. Within its operational range, the Epicon 2 will completely match the performance of its bigger siblings, the Epicon 6 and Epicon 8. This is the new compact speaker for the purist pursuing high performance.

SMC Technology

Developing magnet structures has been a Dali domain for years. For Epicon 2, Dali opted to contest the top market standards and to further magnet system designs to lower distortion caused by imperfect magnet structures. The outcome was an SMC (Soft Magnetic Compound) material which gives precisely the correct tangible properties: ultra-high magnetic conductivity and incredibly low electrical conductivity (approx. 1/10.000’s of iron).

This leads to a dramatic reduction in distortion caused by mechanical loss in the magnet system. The high magnetic conductivity is instrumental in eliminating the frequency dependant effect of hysteresis. The mechanical non-conductive characteristic of the SMC fabric removes the induction of attuned magnet fields in the magnet gab and noticeably reduces the eddy current on the pole piece resulting from the movement of the voice coil for reduced distortion that is both clearly measurable and indeed audible.

Tweeter Unit

Minimal resonance frequency, great power handling, and incredible headroom for high levels of sound pressure and superior excursions are all features of the oversized soft dome tweeter. Incorporating an ultra-thin magnetic fluid for cooling, the fluid has a very high flux saturation point for greater power handling. This also means superb control of coil movement – even at very high sound pressure levels. Free of artefacts or resonances and high Q peaks the Epicon 2 tweeter features an extremely smooth and wide horizontal dispersion – one of Dali's sound design trademarks. Even the detailing of the faceplate of the tweeter module is designed for optimal horizontal dispersion.

Woofer Unit

With the background of in-depth loudspeaker driver design for years, and having engineers with loudspeaker drivers manufacturing experience in-house, Dali started up the process of establishing in-house production of drivers in 2009. The result is Dali Epicon 2 woofer which is not only developed - but also manufactured at the Dali headquarters in Denmark. Dali believes in designs based on low mechanical loss.

Among the first to insist on controlling the frequency response by carefully balanced designs, Dali want the amplifier voltage and current to be the factor to control the frequency response by carefully balanced designs. The wood fibre technology has proven to be a key in reproducing the finest details and dynamics in the music with very low loss of information. Wood fibres add stiffness to very light paper cone membranes, ensuring non-uniform break-up characteristics within the material. The result is a structural stiffness showing top-class behaviour. The wood fibre cone terminates in a low-loss rubber surround that is fitted to a die cast aluminium chassis. Assembly of the cone, surround, voice coil and chassis is done in highly accurate tools for the maximum alignment accuracy.

Cabinet Build

Working both as an acoustic tuned ‘spring’ for the drivers, as well as getting rid of reaction force (resonant) energy, the cabinet is an important part of the entire speaker system. A rigid construction is necessary to optimize the working environment for both woofers and tweeter. The front baffle, sides and top of the Epicon 2 are heated in a process that allows us to press it into an organic shape. This design increases overall rigidity and severely reduces cabinet resonances. Furthermore standing waves are practically eliminated as there are no parallel surfaces reflecting sound waves.

With a thickness of 33 mm the dual-layer front baffle ensures that energy from the drivers is radiated as acoustic energy, and not as vibrations in the cabinet. The curved shape of the front baffle is also a contributing factor in ensuring a stable acoustic platform. At the very bottom of the cabinet, you will see that the hardwired crossover is mounted in its own enclosure - free from the dynamic variation of cabinet pressure inside the bass reflex enclosures.

Wood Finish

The finish of the cabinet is real wood veneer which is lacquered for a total of 10 times. And in between, each layer is hand polished to ensure a deep, high gloss and elegant surface. 10 times of lacquer also ensures a sturdy finish with a thickness of almost 2mm. That means that the entire CNC cutting for drivers, ports and terminals is done after the paint process to ensure perfect fit.

Tech Specs

  • Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
  • Bass Reflex Tuning: 43Hz
  • Connection Input: Bi-Amping (INT)
  • Placement: Shelf or stand
  • Distance From Wall: > 25cm
  • Freq Range (+/-3 dB): 47-30,000Hz
  • Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m): 87dB
  • Nominal Impedance: 4?
  • Maximum SPL: 108dB
  • Recommended Amp: 30 - 200W
  • Crossover: 3100Hz
  • HF Driver: 29mm Soft Textile Dome
  • LF Driver: 6½" Wood Fibre Cone
  • Dimensions (HWD): 386 x 214 x 366mm
  • Weight: 10.3 Kg

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