Atacama Equinox Celebration RS Hi-Fi Stand

by Atacama
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The Atacama Equinox RS Celebration Hi-Fi Stand (supplied here as a 4 shelf stand with a choice of shelf gaps) is the latest version of the superb limited edition Celebration range, featuring the same improvements and revisions as the rest of the RS range, as well as the benefits of the Celebration models.

Equinox Upgraded

The Celebration RS features improvements and tweaks over the standard Equinox RS range - new aerospace grade aluminium top and bottom isolation caps, neoprene A.S.I.S.T. gasket technology is used to improve dampening, the top and base leg cap interface has been redeisnged dramatically reducing surface area contact between each module by over 90% which in turn significantly increases each module's isolation.

On top of this, each leg of the Celebration RS is filled with HDN Phenylethene to reduce ringing and to further enhance the acoustic properties of the Celebration upgrade.

Precision Engineered

With each of the 500 limited edition two shelf base modules being hand made on new specially commissioned blueprinted assembly frame, every RS Celebration is personally inspected by one of our senior artisans and serial numbered to prove authenticity.

ARC Glass Option

For maximum sound deadening properties, ARC Glass can now be specified. Atacama Resonance Control glass has been developed for Equinox Hifi RS and Equinox Celebration RS models and is now available as an upgrade. This specially made laminated glass has a dampening core and is over 50% thicker than standard Equinox glass to further improve the performance of the Equinox Hifi range of equipment supports.

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