Arcam SA20

by Arcam

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Arcam SA20 integrated stereo amplifier is based on the fantastic earlier A29 model, using proprietary new Class G technology.

Hybrid Amplifier

When deciding on the type of amplifier there are two common problems, the traditional class A amplifier uses a single power source, which runs at full capacity, irrespective of the signal. The class A amplifiers are great for revealing subtle details in a recording at low levels, however, they suffer from being able to supply extreme levels of power when it is necessary.

The Class A/B amplifiers are common amplifier choice, which switches between the two amplifiers, one for each half of the waveform. The class A/B amplifiers are more efficient but suffer from crossover distortion, since the details at low levels can get lost with the mismatch between the two switching over.

A Class G amplifier is a hybrid design, which uses a Class A amplifier for low-level signals, and when required it can provide extra power when it is required.

The SA20 has been rated at 80wpc into 8 ohms, with both channels being driven. The SA20 has less than 20wpc in pure Class A mode, whilst allowing for extra power when it is needed with demanding speakers. This is a groundbreaking amplifier is an absolute must for those seeking true excellence in an amplifier at an incredibly affordable price.


As with the SA10, this amplifier is very versatile with five analogue inputs (1x line/MM switchable) and three digital inputs (two SPDIF and one optical). Also, the SA20 comes fully equipped with a top class DAC (ESS Sabre 9038) as has been employed in the irDAC2.


Controlling the SA20 is very simple with the new backlit infra-red remote control, but it can also be controlled with your smartphone it tablet using ARCAM’s IOS app, Musiclife or by RS232.

Tech Specs

  • Amplifier type: Class G
  • Cont power (2 channels): 80W p/ch
  • Cont power (1 channel): 176W p/ch
  • THD + Noise: 0.003%
  • Analog in: 5 (1 line/MM switchable)
  • Digital in: 3 (2 SPDIF, 1 optical)
  • DAC: ESS9038K2M
  • Weight (net): 10.6kg

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