Arcam FMJ P349

by Arcam

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Arcam FMJ P349 is an audiophile grade 3-channel power amplifier based around the popular Arcam P49. You can match this amplifier (used most commonly to drive centre and surround channels) with an AVR390, AVR550 or AVR850 AV receiver and/or with further P49s (bridged) to complete an impressive pre-power home theatre solution. Contact us if you need advice on how best to combine these power amps.

Class G Amplification

The FMJ P349 uses a new type of amp design called Class G, which has the ability to offer the first 50 watts of output as super sweet sounding Pure Class A backed up with a further 130 watts on top if demanded with all three channels driven.

Dynamic Performance

In common with the A49 and P49 amplifiers, the P349 is sweet and natural sounding with a superb level of bass weight and control that sounds amazing. It offers a very natural, detailed and effortless presentation backed up by huge power reserves that make easy work of the most dynamic musical passages.

Tech Specs


  • Cont: (20Hz—20kHz @0.2%), per/ch
  • 3 channels, 8?, 20Hz—20kHz 180W
  • 2 channels, 8?, 20Hz—20kHz 200W
  • Single channel, 8?, at 1kHz 220W
  • Single channel, 4?, at 1kHz 400W
  • THD: 80% power, 8? at 1kHz 0.001%


  • PWR IN input: RCA type XLR type
  • Nominal: 200W / 8? 1.15V 2.3V
  • Input impedance 10k? 10k?
  • Freq response: 20Hz—20kHz ± 0.05dB
  • SNR (Awtd): ref 50W / 8? 110dB


  • Mains voltage: 110–120V~ or 220–240V~
  • Power consumption (max): 1kW
  • Dimensions (WDH): 433 x 425 x 171mm
  • Weight (net): 18.0kg

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