Acoustic Energy AE1 Active


Acoustic Energy AE1 Active Speaker is a two-way speaker for stand mounting or placement on shelf with integrated class A/B amplification and completely active filter networks.

Adaptive Role

The adaptive roles of hi-fi separates mean that audio set-ups themselves are transforming shape. The growing number of units with built-in preamplifiers result in many customers wanting speakers that are just as convenient to link to. Exploiting Acoustic Energy’s extensive experience in the arena of active speakers, AE1 Active delivers on convenience without compromising performance.

Patented Technology

AE1 Active utilises the brand's legendary pure piston ceramic aluminium cone technology and has all the finetuning and impact expected from the original constructed within a self-powered, fully active chassis. AE proprietary aluminium dome tweeter is also featured with patented WDT waveguide for greater coverage and room integration.

Home or Studio Use

The AE1 Active is comfortable both in the home or in the recording studio. With the addition of adjustable bass and treble alongside a choice of RCA or balanced XLR connections, this speaker merges seamlessly into your listening environment


Tech Specs

- Amps: 2×50w Linear supply Class A/B
- Crossover: Active 4th order min phase
- Build: Fully analogue architecture
- Vol control: Adjustable each speaker
- Tweeter: Proprietary Aluminium dome
- Set: wide bandwidth/low distortion
- WDT: enhances room integration
- Treble adjustment: +/- 2dB
- Bass Cut: +/- 2dB precise system
- Inputs: RCA and bal XLR
- Mains voltage: Switchable 110/240V
- Freq response: 40Hz-25kHz +/-6dB
- Safety certification: CE EN55013/20
- Dimensions (HWD): 300 x 185 x 250mm

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