Home Cinema Designs




With our Design and specification service you can be assured our Cinema rooms are set up to deliver the best possible performance for your room. Using the latest methods and products means our Cinema rooms always meet the latest standards.

We can determine from the size and shape of your room, the most optimal size and positioning for the screen and speakers. Ensuring viewing angles are correct to the optimal seating position and that all the sound reaches your ears in perfect harmony for maximum comfort and immersion.

Our Cinemas are tailored for you and your home

Considering a Cinema but unsure about the space you have? Because our rooms are specified to your needs, room type and size we can almost certainly make something that will work for you. Whether it’s a garage conversion, loft conversion or spare bedroom, a solution can be achieved through a well thought out, professionally engineered design and the right choice of components.

We will always work to ensure our Cinema rooms are delivered on time and within budget, liaising with other contractors and interior designers if needed, chosen by yourself or recommended by us, to achieve the desired result.



Only the best products and solutions

We always use the best components to fulfil your requirements. AV processors with the latest standards and advanced room correction technologies, powerful amplifiers speakers and subwoofers, 4K HDR projectors and durable comfy seating which will all add together to create an immersive experience with powerful sound and a detailed colourful picture.

All our installations ensure that cabling and equipment are hidden away out of sight as much as possible, speakers can disappear into walls, projectors can lift into ceilings and other components are neatly rack mounted or shelved to your preference. Maybe you would prefer to see an aesthetically pleasing pair of speakers as a beautiful piece in your room? this can also be achieved and without all the unsightly cables in view.

Our Cinema seating and acoustic treatment solutions are also flexible in terms of design, for your seating you could have separate armchairs or one large sofa, cupholders and storage, electric reclining and more. Whatever you choose though, it will be exceptionally comfortable and durable. Enabling you to enjoy your home Cinema to its full potential.

Acoustic panels are essential in a lot of rooms to really get the best from your set up, but they can sometimes be an eye sore. We can change this, with a range of different shapes and designs available along with the ability to print your own picture to one, you can be sure they will look good in your room.



Smart home integration

We can integrate all our Cinema and Media rooms with a Control 4 solution which can provide control for every aspect of the room and the rest of your home if desired. All existing remotes can be consolidated into one easy to use touchpad or app for your tablet or smart phone with the ability to also control things like electric projector screens, lighting, heating, blinds and much more.



Always fair and competitive on price

We always strive to provide the best for our customers, whatever their requirements. When designing a Cinema room, we always analyse specifications and know the products we deal with inside out so we know how they will perform and match this knowledge to our customers taste and budget.